Owner Driver (Small Van)

More and more people are buying the things they love – of all shapes and sizes – online. And that’s where our drivers come into their own.

As a self-employed Owner Driver (Small Van), you’ll work at a time that suits you over a six-day week, delivering parcels locally in your own small van – or one that’s leased from us.

This is the perfect stepping stone if you’re a driver using your own car looking to increase your revenue – it’s your chance to try it out in a bigger vehicle without the upfront costs.

You may also be a full-time mum looking for some part-time work, or recently retired and want to earn some extra cash. Or you may be searching for full-time work and a main source of income. It’s a flexible job that suits all kinds of people.

Your positive attitude and get-up-and-go will enable you to meet and greet lots of different people during the day, as you deliver parcels and packages to local homes and businesses, on time and in great condition.

You’ll fill up your van with parcels (that have already been sorted and bagged for you), plan your route, and then deliver them in your local area.

As you’ll be self-employed, there’s plenty of flexibility when it comes to how many parcels you deliver too. Whether you want to deliver 40 or 80 parcels a day – we’re totally fine with that!

We’re looking for people with huge amounts of energy and great route planning skills. You’ll also love driving and know your local area like the back of your hand. So, join us as an Owner Driver (Small Van) and enjoy more freedom and a lot more control over when and where you work.

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